Bob Eslinger

Qualifying Broker
Bob Eslinger and his family moved to the Beautiful Sacramento Mountains in 1997 from the mountains of the San Diego, Ca. area.   How Bob came to know about the Cloudcroft area was when he was a child his parents retired in El Paso, TX and they use to come up to the Sacramento Mountains all the time to enjoy the nice cool weather in the 1960s.  He said, “Some day I’m going to live in this beautiful area, I just know it.”  And that’s just what he did. 
Bob comes from a military background being an Army Brat and being in the Navy.  He met his beautiful wife Marla while they were both in the Navy stationed on Guam.  They got married there, honeymooned in Saipan, and have been to quite a few places in this beautiful world of ours, but the place they wanted to call home were the mountains of Cloudcroft.
  Bob got into real estate shortly after moving to Cloudcroft and has been doing it ever since, going on 24 years now.  He Specializes in homes, homes with acreage, or just land itself, around the Sacramento Mountains.  Bob is a multi million dollar producer and will be able to help you in any of your real estate needs.  Bob will tell you the way it is, He won't shade the truth, and will explain to you what you need to do to sell your home.  If your up on the mountain come by and have a cup coffee, its always on, and talk some real estate with Bob or one of his Brokers.  We thank you for your time, and hope to see real soon.